What this mini course is:

  • Online, self-paced course

  • All about setting healthy sleep habits

  • Low pressure practice as you build a sleep foundation

  • Geared towards 0-12 weeks

What you get:

  • Self-paced

    You will have unlimited access to go through this mini course and it's materials. Go completely at your own pace!

  • Videos & PDFs

    Each of the 9 lessons has applicable videos and PDFs to enhance your learning. These lessons will go over subjects like: How to set the stage for sleep success, how to calm your crying baby, how to guide your newborn toward independent sleep, and much, much, more!

  • Actionable Steps

    The tips and techniques taught in this course are meant to be completely actionable steps! Not only will you learn about newborn sleep, but I'll show you how to put this learning into practice.

Hi, I'm Carianna!

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I'm a well-rested bio + foster mom. I help tired and overwhelmed moms teach their littles to sleep! Here you'll find no-nonsense sleep advice for achieving your sleep goals. Let's get your family all the sleeps!

Carianna Gibb

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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  • What's included in the mini course?

    This course is 9 lessons long with PDFs, videos, and actionable tips for each and every section.

  • What age is this course geared towards?

    The techniques and tips in this course are for newborns 0-12 weeks. Remember, the sooner you start these techniques the more natural of a process it will be!

  • Will I have to leave my newborn to cry?

    No! At this young age we are not leaving your newborn to cry. We will always be responsive. Through my techniques, I encourage you to respond to your baby in gradual progression so that we aren’t always rushing straight to a feed or rocking but you are ALWAYS responding and right there with your babe!

  • What if I want 1:1 help after taking the course?

    If you would like more guidance, or just want someone to run questions by, there is a section within the course to purchase add on calls.