What this mini course is:

  • Online, self-paced course

  • Designed for babies who already fall asleep on their own at night

  • Sets up a day by day plan for teaching independent sleep⁣⁣ at naptime

  • Geared towards 4-24 months in a crib

What you get:

  • Self-Paced

    You will have unlimited access to this course and it's materials. Go completely at your own pace! Lessons are designed to help you maximize your baby's naps.

  • Videos & Slides

    Through these mediums you will learn all the necessary puzzle pieces needed for nap success. Sleep environment, sleep props, how to break habits, crying, nap time routines, sleep coaching methods, and nap lengthening.

  • Optional Add On Support

    If you get started and decide you need more support, you will have the option within the course to add on support phone calls or emails.

  • BONUS: Nap Transition Guide

    A comprehensive blueprint through each nap transition (4 naps to 0 naps).

Watch Intro Video

Hi, I'm Carianna!

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I'm a well-rested bio + foster mom. I help tired and overwhelmed moms teach their littles to sleep! Here you'll find no-nonsense sleep advice for achieving your sleep goals. Let's get your family all the sleeps!

Carianna Gibb

Pediatric Sleep Consultant


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is just a nap training course. This means that if you are struggling with night sleep and/or your baby needs your help to fall asleep at bedtime, this is NOT the course for you. This course is only for little ones who already know how to fall asleep on their own at bedtime. If that is not your child, you should check out my Sleep Coaching Crash Course instead. allthesleeps.thinkific.com/sleep-coaching-crash-course

  • What's included in the course?

    This course contains videos and slides to walk you through nap training. You'll walk away with an actionable day by day plan for improving naps.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have unlimited access to revisit lessons and re-watch this course.

  • What age is this course geared toward?

    This course is geared toward 4-24 months of age. This course also works best if your child will be sleeping in a crib or pack 'n play.

  • Will I have to hear my child cry?

    Crying is one of your child's main forms of communication so during a transition, it is natural for them to be communicating with you. All tears are not created equal and the emotions your child may be expressing during the sleep coaching process are: "I'm frustrated. I don't like this. YOU are supposed to put me to sleep. Why are we doing this? I don't know how to fall asleep without you. I'm tired. I'm struggling." These are all completely normal and healthy emotions. So the short answer is, yes. You will have to hear your child cry. However, this course will do everything possible to minimize those tears by making sure we have all the puzzle pieces in place leading up to sleep coaching.

  • What if I want 1:1 help after taking the course?

    I have included the option for you to add-on 30 minute consultation calls or a week of email support with me so we can go over any specific questions or issues that you might be experiencing!