What this guide is:

  • Downloadable e-guide

  • A comprehensive blueprint for making the transition

What you get:

  • When

    When to actually make the transition, signs of readiness, how to determine the ideal time to transition

  • Prep

    Learn about safety measures, helpful bedtime routines, what an age-appropriate bedtime looks like and how to incorporate positive sleep talk

  • How

    How to handle nighttime challenges, tips for remaining consistent, and how to dispel nighttime fears

Are you ready to seamlessly move your child to a big kid bed?

Hi, I'm Carianna!

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I'm a well-rested bio + foster mom. I help tired and overwhelmed moms teach their littles to sleep! Here you'll find no-nonsense sleep advice for achieving your sleep goals. Let's get your family all the sleeps!

Carianna Gibb

Pediatric Sleep Consultant


  • What age is best for making this transition?

    The ideal age to move your child from their crib into a bed is 3 years or later. The information and tools I have included in this guide will still work if your child is a bit younger than that, however, it's important to understand that it won't be quite as smooth as if you waited until 3+ years of age.

  • What if my child still needs help to fall asleep at bedtime and in the middle of the night?

    This guide is really written for the family that has already achieved independent sleep, meaning, your child is laid down awake for bedtime and can fall asleep without your presence in the room. If this is something your child has not yet achieved, this guide can help, but many families find it useful to have my guidance and support throughout this transition. I'd encourage you to take a look at my Two Week Consultation Package so that I can support you and your child through this big transition!

  • Will I have to hear my child cry?

    Crying is one of your child's main forms of communication so during a transition, it is natural for them to be communicating with you. All tears are not created equal and the emotions your child may be expressing during this change are: "I'm frustrated. I don't like this. I'm struggling with this new boundary and responsibility. Why are we doing this? I'm tired." These are all completely normal and healthy emotions. So the short answer is, yes. You may have to hear your child cry. However, with this guide, we will mentally help prepare your child for this change and help YOU be ready and consistent so that the learning process will be sped up and tears will be minimized!

  • What if I get started and need more support?

    If you get started and are really struggling, I am happy to help you and guide you until you get back on the right foot. For that, I would recommend checking out my 1:1 services so we can work together and come up with a plan of action that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Visit allthesleeps.com for more info!